Who is J. P. Moran Design?

J.P. Moran Design began with the dot com bust. Owner Patrick Moran was formerly creative director for an online commodities exchange where he and a team of highly talented individuals developed the look and feel of a revolutionary web portal. The ultimate demise of the company spurred Patrick and other entrepreneurial employees to branch out and start their own companies. In March 2001, J.P. Moran Design was born.

With more than 15 years experience creating web, print and large format graphics, Patrick has worked with small to large size companies in varying sectors. He has mastered the art of understanding what a client wants and how to best position their visual communication needs to fit the ever-changing demands of business.

J.P. Moran Design differentiates itself by:

  • offering personalized service - all designs are created by the designer himself.
  • creating visual communication that is focused around a purpose. We don't design to be pretty - we design to improve sales.
  • specializing in graphic design and it's implementation across multiple mediums.
  • minimizing project staffing - all team members can and will interact with clients directly within their areas of expertise.
  • working well with others - independently or with your internal staff, our goal is to help your project succeed
  • continuing where others left off. If existing designs are successful we will work with them not against them.